Restore the World’s Mental Wellness: Aura Investment Round

Mental wellness is one of the most fundamental, unmet human needs today.

Aura is the world’s leading marketplace for mental wellness transforming the $5.6T industry, already with 8M+ users and set for international expansion.

Exclusive opportunity to invest in the start-up backed by Silicon Valley’s leading investors.

Aura is the world’s leading mental wellness marketplace already with 7 million users transforming the $4.8 trillion industry.

3000+ investors already invested
Aura is the world’s leading marketplace for mental wellness transforming the $5.6T industry
Rapid growth to 8M+ users, now set for international expansion
Top Silicon Valley investors + 2000+ investors already invested ($10M+)
1000+ investors already invested
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Top Reasons to Invest in Aura

Rapid Growth & Proven Traction

Aura has quickly become a leader in the mental wellness space, and this is just the beginning.

8 Million
Aura users
Revenue (lifetime)
Quarter Billion
Minutes listened / year

Set for international expansion

Aura is launching in 6 different languages to reach most of the world’s population and accelerate as a global leader.

Join Silicon Valley’s Top Investors

Aura has raised $10M+ and is backed by Silicon Valley’s leading VCs behind today's most influential companies.
Investors include founders/executives of:

Invest in Aura’s first public round -
open for a limited time.

Invest in the world’s leading wellness start-up and help transform hundreds of millions’ wellbeing.

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  • World’s largest mental wellness content & services marketplace disrupting the $4.8T market
  • Rapid growth to 7M users & 100,000 paying subscribers (profitable)
  • Backed by Silicon Valley’s leading VC’s
  • Angels include executives of Spotify, Facebook, Strava, Life360, WeWork, and Masterclass.
  • World-class team founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Impact winners
Investors include founders & executives of:

The world is in a global mental health crisis, and today’s solutions are not enough.

1 in 4 adults suffer from a mental disorder today, and depression is now the #1 cause of disability worldwide (WHO).

Aura’s founders experienced the deep pain as their mother struggled with her mental health without trustworthy resources and realized that mental wellbeing is the most important unmet human need.

Therapy provides critical support, but its 1-1 based care is expensive & hard to access for most people. Self-care apps attempt to address this problem, but they provide one-size-fits-all content libraries.

1 Source: Global wellness institute

Aura brings the world's best content & services provided by coaches worldwide to anyone

Aura lets coaches and therapists worldwide shift online, produce content, and provide digital coaching effortlessly.

In turn, Aura provides anyone with the world’s most extensive library of mental wellness resources & services, personalized to their needs by our AI.

Aura is building the world’s ecosystem for mental wellness.

Transforming the mental wellness industry through the power of the marketplace

History shows that marketplaces that aggregate new supply to provide superior services have become some of the world’s largest companies of today.

The first-generation wellness apps proliferated to 100M’s of downloads, yet only offer content libraries created by just 1-2 coaches (and a few celebrity guests). These apps are one-size-fits-all solutions and have poor retention.

Aura is leveraging the power of the marketplace to enable a worldwide community of coaches & therapists to create content & offer services online, making them accessible to anyone in one place.

Aura is leading the marketplace transformation in one of today's most important industries.

1 Source: Global wellness institute
Meet the next-generation Aura 3.0

As “Spotify” of mental wellness, Aura is the all-in-one app for mental wellness providing the world’s most extensive wellness content library.

We’re taking Aura to the next level with the upcoming Aura 3.0, combining the wealth of content with the power of community & AI.

World’s most extensive wellness library, personalized via deep learning

Aura already offers a 10-100x bigger library than leading wellness apps, with categories including meditations, sleep tracks, life coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, breathwork, spirituality, and much more. Aura’s library is growing exponentially every day.

Aura leverages our proprietary deep learning-based algorithm to personalize and adapt continuously to each person’s unique needs & tastes.

Next-generation community & social experiences

The upcoming Aura 3.0 includes next-generation community/social experiences connecting our coaches & users through products like Live, Stories, challenges, community, 1-1 coaching, and group coaching.

Aura AI (coming soon)

As the power of AI has exploded, Aura has the rare advantage of having billions of proprietary data and content. We will integrate AI throughout our app experience to deliver new value propositions and consumer experiences.

Supply-side product
For coaches: their new digital identity

Like Spotify’s impact, Aura enables coaches & therapists to become creators and helps them share their content, build communities, and offer services - build an entire online business on Aura. Coaches no longer have to find clients individually - they can now create studio-quality content from their phones, reach a global audience, generate additional recurring income, and find coaching clients effortlessly.

Aura has become the digital identity of coaches, and we have a massive waitlist of coaches.

Rapidly expanding as the leading mental wellness marketplace

Every year, a quarter billion minutes are spent in meditation & self-care on Aura. Aura has already generated $25M in revenue, but this is just the beginning. We see the potential to get to Spotify/Netflix’s scale - and become a $1B/year company.

Within just a few years, Aura has grown rapidly to:
8 Million
Aura users
Revenue (lifetime)
Quarter Billion
Minutes listened / year
Every year, Aura members spend 100M’s of minutes in meditation & listening to content on Aura

Quarterly Revenues

Unparalleled engagement & retention vs competitors

Retention & engagement are the most critical foundations for consumer platforms. Aura’s is already far superior to competitors’, valued in billions, and we’re just getting started.

D30 retention

DAU/MAU (engagement)

*Source:, Q3 2023

Set for international expansion

Aura’s marketplace advantage strengthens even further as a global platform. Aura is launching in 6 different languages, working with local coaches & creators to reach the majority of the world’s population in native languages, and building global network effects.

Life-changing testimonials

With over 45,000 5-star reviews, Aura is truly transforming people’s lives. Hear from our users:

Recognized in thousands of top publications

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& Partnered with world-class organizations

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Industry-leading churn

Estimated churn rate of popular streaming services vs. Aura (Source: Antenna)
Business Model
The secret compounding flywheel behind Aura’s growth
Aura generates high-margin, recurring software revenue powered by the marketplace wheel.

The more we grow, the more coaches & therapists we attract to the platform. The more coaches provide content & services, and better Aura gets for our users. In addition, the compounding data continuously improves Aura’s intelligence.

This is the same flywheel that has grown some of the largest companies of the past decade, such as Airbnb and Uber.

Market opportunity
The Transformation of $5.6T Wellness Market

Global wellness market is a $5.6T market, projected to grow to $8.5 trillion by 2027 (Source: Global Wellness Institute)

Wellness spending, mobile health market

The Transformation of Wellness Market, 2024-2027

Given a conservative TAM of 300M people using Aura ($70/year), our content business alone can generate $20B+ in revenue, not to mention our coaching marketplace revenue.

Just as fitness became a part of most people’s everyday lives for physical health, so will mental wellness be for mental health, and Aura is leading the digital transformation.

Team & Investors
Leadership at Aura:
Steve Lee
Co-founder & CEO
Daniel Lee
Co-founder & CPO
Jerome Curlier
Brian Richmond
Chief Data Officer

Steve and Daniel, two brothers & co-founders, are mission-driven founders, Forbes 30 Under 30 winners, and repeat entrepreneurs whose expertise spans consumer product, design, engineering, and marketing.

Jerome is an experienced CTO formerly at Microsoft, IBM, and Gigster. Brian is a Ph.D. & data science leader formerly at WeWork and George Washington University (as the Chairman of the Department).

Our advisors come from companies such as Uber, Eventbrite, Slack, Masterclass, Credit Karma, and Hubspot.

Join Silicon Valley's top investors

Cowboy Ventures is one of the most well-known early-stage VCs in Silicon Valley who coined the term “unicorn”. Reach Capital is the world’s leading fund for education & work, and SkyDeck is the global accelerator created by UC Berkeley.

Our investors include founders/executives of Spotify, Apple, Facebook, Dropbox, Life360, SurveyMonkey, McKinsey, Accenture, Strava, Twitter, and much more.

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